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Letter: Increase in hate speech is creating walls among us

Increase in hate speech is creating walls among us

So I’ve mulled over the idea of writing this letter for several weeks without doing anything about it, but now in light of current events it seems appropriate. This is merely my opinion. Opinions are cheap, everyone has them, many like to share them. I don’t know if that’s because we think that ours is the right one. Do we feel obligated to inform others? Does it make us feel more powerful or more important? Do we use our opinions to buttress or do we use them to spew discontent and hate?

Unfortunately, with social media it seems to be the latter. When I came home from Vietnam we were scorned and ridiculed but it was nothing like what is going on now. Thoughtless and mindless mob mentality is fueled by vicious tweets, Facebook pages are loaded with scurrilous postings and accusations and our news media applaud the carnage and watch us burn.

Everyone seems to want to get in on the action. From foul-mouthed politicians to celebrities trying to shock to arrogant educators, we have debased our culture.

Every day I see small acts of kindness, things that surely bring comfort to those involved, but are these the same people that go home and spew the hate and discontent? Has our civilization sunk that low? There are consequences to our actions, and right now I think that they are dire, but it’s just an opinion.

Weep for your country.

Steve Blood


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