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Letter: Cabinet’s fealty to Trump is an utter embarrassment

Cabinet’s fealty to Trump is an utter embarrassment

Repulsive! The word that comes to mind to sum up my feelings for Trump and the members of his Cabinet. Sycophants all, kowtowing to a strutting egotist with a Napoleonic complex and appointed to their respective positions obviously based on their allegiance to His Royal Majesty.

Oblivious to their duties as responsible public servants, their tenure limited by their continued endorsement of Trump’s fatuous ego, none (save Defense Secretary James Mattis) had the nerve to stand up, call the meeting a sham and leave the room. Trump’s declaring himself the most productive president in U.S. history – graciously allowing FDR a little latitude for his many documented accomplishments – is farcical. To the contrary, he has accomplished nothing, regularly incurring rebuffs from the judicial branch as well as the press and his own Republican members of Congress, leaving all of his legislative attempts to date in limbo.

It appears that as long as his coterie of idolaters stays in line, he’ll continue on his quest to think he is our savior. God help us all!

Scott H. Patterson


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