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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk’s office for the week ending January 20, 2016.

• 4170 North Ridge Road, Georgia A. Jacobs; Robert G. Jacobs Jr.; Georgia Welch to Brandon M. Sidebottom; Camille M. Sidebottom, $50,000.

• 4556-4558 Washington Drive, Bronze Creek Title Trust 2013-Npl1 /att; Christiana Trust -Tr/att; Selene Finance Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb -Tr/att to Carole Lynn Gerwitz; Randy Gerwitz, $110,000.

• 74 Remick Pkwy 446 South St., 480 South St. to Aa&k Property, $6,600,000.
• 24 Continental Drive, David Keller; David A. Keller; Patricia Keller; Patricia L. Keller to Securities Corporation Home Equity Loan Trust 2004-He3; Wells Fargo Bank National Assoc -Tr, $202,724.
• Hi Point Drive, David M. Chatt; Dorothy P. Chatt; Chatt Family Trust to Robin A. Miller, $155,000.
• 101 Park Ln Circle, Michael Booth to Chelsey N. Amacher, $139,900.
• 38 Minard St., Chad P. Whalen to US Bank Trust NA -Tr; Lsf9 Master Participation Trust, $136,072.
• North Transit St., Larry R. Babel; Michele Gruntz; Michele L. Gruntz; Michele L. Wilkins to James Franz, $87,900.
• 81 Minard St., Angel M. Guevara; Charlotte Guevara; Charlotte Lewis to Lsf9 Master Participation Trust; U S Bank Trust NA -Tr, $77,264.
• 78 Beverly Ave., Secretary of U S Department of Housing And Urban Devel to Kenneth Howard, $37,000.
• 410 North Transit St., Deutsche Bank National Trust Co -Tr /att; Morgan Stanley Home Equity Loan Trust 2007-2 /att; Ocwen Loan Servicing to Jeff Sprunger, $26,424.
• Washburn St., Arnold G. Bedford; Linda M. Steward to Presbyterian Senior Care of Western New York, $21,500.
• 48 Allen St., Csmc Trust 2006-Cf2 Cs; JPMorgan Chase Bank NA -Att; US Bank National Assoc -Tr/att to Bonnie Loranty, $8,000.

• 5959 Bowmiller Road, Joe Crosby; Lawrence J. Debo; Lawrence J. Deboe to Lsf8 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA -Tr, $166,584.
• 6014 & 6016 Ridge Road, Susan M. Hesch to Donald Kleinschmidt; Lori Kleinschmidt, $30,000.

• 6095 Walnut St., Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Katelyn E. Wright; Nathan R. Wright, $87,500.

• 9404 Niemel Drive, Anna Aguglia; Louis Aguglia; Patricia Aguglia; Patricia Azra; Anna Torcasio to Elise Overton, $147,500.
• 459 4th St., Thomas Kimberlee to Bank of New York Mellon -Tr; Bank of New York -Tr; Cwabs, $132,354.
• 424 81st St., Samuel Reele to West Samuel J Vanhalen, $92,000.
• 81st St., Krystina J. Briggs to Anthony J. Rizzo, $88,000.
• 2926 Grand Ave., Louis T. Sciarrino Sr.; Patricia L. Sciarrino to Vincenette Nudo Frazier, $87,500.
• 2469 Woodlawn Ave., Christina Groce; Christina M. Groce; Michael A. Groce to M & T Bank, $74,500.
• Porter Ave., Karen S. Raepple; Kent J. Sciandra to Nickolas G. Rizzo, $70,740.
• 1445 100th St., Robert T. Ferenc to Christiana Trust -Tr; Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust; Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb -Tr, $70,343.
• 1248 88th St., Christiana Trust -Tr/att; Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust /att; Rushmore Loan Management Services Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb -Tr/att to Shemyla Sadiq, $50,000.
• South Ave., Christine R. Lajoie to Cheston R. Pryce, $49,800.
• 547 71st St., Secretary of U S Department of Housing And Urban Devel to Lindsey Bax, $39,500.
• 2660 Porter Road, Secretary of U S Department of Housing And Urban Devel to Fallsconnection Holdings, $38,955.
• Ferry Ave., Gregory M. Brinda to Brinda Property, $33,000.
• 1744 & 1746 Rhode Island Ave & 1140 Whitney Ave., Buffalo Enterprises to Niyomi Mihidukulasooriya, $30,000.
• Orleans Ave., Matthew A. Cafarella to Steven Wolanske, $30,000.
• 2240 Willow Ave., Primaterra to Hooks Handyman Service, $30,000.
• 1744 Lasalle Ave., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Victor Acevedo Jr., $16,500.
• 711 8th St., Keybank National Assoc to Tony Miano, $14,200.

• 179 Belmont Court East, Charles J. Benzing III; Cynthia B. Carestio; Christina B. Demart to Carin S. Demart; David E. Demart, $106,000.
• Maple Terrace, Patricia A. Anson; Patricia A. Body to Patricia S. Bampton, $87,000.
• 783 Remington Drive, City of North Tonawanda to Joshua Adam Caron; Paul John Caron, $75,500.
• 505 Duane Ave., David W. Braun to State of New York Mortgage Agency, $67,745.
• 35 Third Ave And 37 Third Ave., City of North Tonawanda to Jacqueline M. Depaolo; Scott A. Depaolo, $20,000.
• 195 Goundry St., Mary Keppen; Donna Neal to HUD, $19,750.
• 44 Third Ave., City of North Tonawanda to Jacqueline M. Depaolo; Scott A. Depaolo, $19,500.
• 11 14th Ave., City of North Tonawanda to Sharilyn Costello, $15,000.

• Lake Road, Anne M. Costanzo; Gregory R. Costanzo to Joy L. Khatib, $360,000.
• Lake Road, Anne M. Costanzo; Gregory R. Costanzo to Patricia Winchester, $235,000.
• Main St., R J Gullo Properties 1 to Richard Lohr, $145,000.

• Lakewood Drive, Beth Ann Mills; Jeffrey A. Mills to Craig P. Rowles, $410,000.
• 7027 Deidre Court, Alexander J. Skowronek; Kay C. Skowronek to Marilyn J. Blackburn; Timothy W. Blackburn, $268,000.
• 16 Raven Court, Norman F. Utech; Sharon G. Utech to Karen Crowe, $260,000.
• 3892 Lockport Road, Calvin L. Neff; Tamara L. Neff; Tamara Lee Neff to Raepple Real Estate, $46,461.
• 6704 Elbert Drive, Castle 2016 to Gerald L. Truesdale, $45,000.

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