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Letter: Watson ignores need to prioritize funding

Watson ignores need to prioritize funding

In a recent column, Rod Watson railed against proposed reductions to social welfare programs. He failed to note the deficits (trillions) facing the country. He failed to note what percentage of the spending on these programs is overhead.

He failed to note or propose reductions for Canalside’s $2 million merry-go-round, or $24-plus million spent by New York State on the Darwin Martin House, or $30-plus million to create parking spaces on Main Street, or the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority wanting a billion or so to create a rail line on a route where today it does not operate a bus! Rep. Brian Higgins wants to spend money where the NFTA parks rail cars. How many meals/medications would those funds purchase? How many lead inspections could have been done?

Watson and the congressman failed to advocate government prioritizing limited taxpayer resources.

William F. ONeil Jr.


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