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Letter: Trump’s social secretary has the proper attitude

Trump’s social secretary has the proper attitude

It was so refreshing to finally read something positive in The News regarding President Trump and first lady Melania. Even though the Washington Post article took a few jabs at the president, it was probably the most positive article I have read so far since his inauguration.

Rickie Niceta sounds like the perfect person to be the social secretary. She has a genuine affection and respect for the first lady. Niceta’s feeling is that the president has been unfairly portrayed in the media. She has an unalloyed belief in what it means to serve in the White House, regardless of party and politics. She also stated, “That really matters to me. I don’t like people who don’t respect the office of the president.” I hope The News will print more positive articles about our president.

Marisusan Stiles


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