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Letter: Trump is dishonest, delusional about wall

Trump is dishonest, delusional about wall

I remember when President Trump was campaigning. He said, “Mexico is going to pay for the wall” along our Southern border, and that U.S. citizens wouldn’t pay one red cent. So why is there a proposal in the federal budget to pay for this wall?

Then he told the American people that Mexico will reimburse us for the cost. This sounds to me like: “Don’t worry about it. The check’s in the mail.” We all know what that means.

I think Trump wants the wall built as a monument to himself, and he doesn’t care who pays for it, just like his 6-foot portrait of himself.

Now he wants a 50-foot wall with solar panels on it. What’s up with that? I didn’t know solar panels would stop people from crossing the border illegally. The only thing that should be illegal is the outrageous cost for this wall, which American citizens will be paying for.

Jim Murray


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