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Letter: President seems unable to simply tell the truth

President seems unable to simply tell the truth

Our 45th president, Donald Trump, continues to berate, castigate and tweet about fake news spewing from the press, journalists, newspapers and TV media. However, he is the one entity providing lies, or in other words the major provider of fake news. His lying has been on going for many prior years.

As an example, at a civil trial a decade ago in his libel suit against a writer of his biography, “Trump Nation,” he gave testimony under oath. Trump actually admitted that he had lied over prior years about a wide range of issues. One of those lies was not telling the truth about his business relationship with organized crime.

During the 2016 Republican run for president, he was caught in innumerable lies. Since becoming president, he sprouted absurdly with no proof that President Barack Obama had bugged Trump Tower. How about his ridiculous claim that there were 3 million people who voted illegally, and that’s why he lost the popular vote? We also have him being virtually the only one not believing that Russia was involved in the 2016 election meddling. In effect, Trump is calling everybody else a liar in regard to Russian intervention.

Most recently he is calling James Comey a liar in regard to their private conversations, even though Comey has documented notes. I wonder how we will stand another 3½ years of Trump’s fakery. A recent poll shows 59 percent of Americans believe him to be dishonest.

Joseph Borzelliere

East Amherst

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