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Letter: Path to clean energy will not be reversed

Path to clean energy will not be reversed

After President Trump initiated the process for withdrawing from the Paris climate accord, it became clear that we can achieve America’s climate goals without the accord. The governments of larger states and cities, the leaders of companies and a large share of civil society declare that they are already on a path to clean renewable energy that will not be reversed.

Some of us started down this path a long time ago. For example, the Presbyterian Church (USA) wrote a theologically grounded concern with human-caused climate change into its 1991 environmental statement. The denomination reaffirmed and refined it in following years. We have learned through conversations in the Western New York Interfaith Climate Justice Community that other Christian denominations and other faiths have taken similar positions.

Why would so many faith groups come to the same conclusion? I don’t think it is because all have faith in the consensus of climate scientists who devise models to predict ­future global warming. One need only look at a simple line graph of the steep rise of global temperatures since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to worry about the trend. Then we see the suffering of victims of typhoons and hurricanes and read in The News (June 9) about increased mortality in India due to heat. It is an extension of the near-universal Golden Rule to do what we can to avoid causing such harm.

Pat Townsend


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