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Letter: Lawmakers should pass the New York Health Act

Lawmakers should pass the New York Health Act

I am writing to encourage my fellow Western New Yorkers to contact their statewide elected officials to urge their support of the New York Health Act (A. 4738/S. 4840). New York has the opportunity to be the first state to implement truly universal health care like the rest of the industrialized world.

As one who works with lower-income senior citizens and people with disabilities, I have met many individuals who cope daily with the stress of choosing between the care recommended by their physicians and other necessary expenses. I’ve had applicants for the affordable housing programs I manage who have been bankrupted by a serious illness. While I have contributed on numerous occasions to assist a friend or member of the community impacted by the cost of an unexpected accident or illness, should we really have to crowd-fund our health care?

And as a manager, I am faced with the difficult task each year of informing my staff of the increases in premiums while their benefits are eroded and they face higher deductibles, coinsurance and copays. The insurance companies are the only beneficiaries of the status quo.

I urge the State Senate to join the Assembly to pass this before the session ends. Lives depend on this!

Kathleen Haggerty


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