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Letter: It’s time for Congress to get down to work

It’s time for Congress to get down to work

What will it take to focus our representatives on issues that are important to most Americans: the skyrocketing cost of health care premiums, the specter of automation gobbling up jobs, the out-of-control rise in college tuition and the threat of more terrorist attacks on the innocent?

Will we ever see the day when as much energy and attention is channeled to ameliorating or curing problems that average Americans face every day, as we have seen devoted to partisan politics a la the Comey hearing?

Indeed. The buildup to the former top cop’s testimony was breathtaking. Every media organ and talking head was agog with the coming showdown in the Senate. “You won’t want to miss this,” they gushed. And now, looking back at all the pomposity and speechifying, all we are left with is more distraction and diversion from solving real problems.

As Americans struggle with making ends meet, our officeholders at the highest levels of government do not take heed, but instead are at it again. Have they no clue?

William E. Leggiero, Jr.


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