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Letter: How could judge release such a dangerous suspect?

How could judge release such a dangerous suspect?

After reading U.S. District Court Judge Thomas McCoun III’s belief of what he considers “clear and convincing evidence” in the case of neo-Nazi Brandon Russell in Tampa, as spelled out in the Washington Post article in The News on June 12, I ask every police department in the country to deluge this judge to explain what in the world he needs in order to keep this suspect away from the public and, more importantly, from the officers trying to protect the public.

The suspect admitted making a bomb, and police found guns, ammunition and white supremacist propaganda in his bedroom. Yet the judge doesn’t believe he poses a threat, and released him rather than keep him behind bars while he awaits trial.

I implore everyone who hasn’t read this article to please do so and work to have this judge removed from the bench. I also ask the media to pursue this miscarriage of justice to the end. I thought I’d heard everything, but this is ludicrous.

Frank Maddock


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