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Letter: Gillibrand should be ashamed of herself

Gillibrand should be ashamed of herself

It pains me to hear or read about the manner in which people are conveying their hatred of President Trump. Everyone is entitled to voice their dissent against politicians and their policies. That’s our right as Americans.

But lately, more and more of the Hollywood elites, TV late night hosts like Stephen Colbert, and other public figures are debasing themselves by using obscene language to vent their frustration. Is this type of thing OK and acceptable now?

How sad that even our U.S. senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand, thinks nothing of dropping “F” bombs during her public speeches and interviews. Using words like that, especially if there are children present, does nothing but demean her as a woman, a mother and a public official. Let’s please stop with the filthy language and get back to civility.

Joan Majchrzak

West Seneca

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