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Letter: Clarence Senior Center silences members’ voices

Clarence Senior Center silences members’ voices

On June 22, the 32nd annual membership meeting of Clarence Senior Citizens will be held at 1:15 p.m. at the Senior Center.

This year, the board voted that members will not be allowed to speak at the meeting. This decision is one more effort to shut down attempts by members to hold the board accountable.

The board reported again to the IRS there are no CSC members. Members pay annual dues. The board refuses to allow seniors to elect their board members.

The current system denies members a voice and the inherent state-guaranteed right to elect the organization’s board of directors. The Town of Clarence appoints CSC directors based on selections and recommendations from the CSC board.

Board investment profits are not being used for seniors; financial questions are not answered. The CSC does business with the town through an annual contractual agreement providing a stipend to CSC ($223,113 for 2017), the main monetary support for the center. For the town to appoint CSC board members is a conflict.

Attendance is encouraged. Let the CSC board and town know you support our seniors’ right to a voice and to elect responsible board members to oversee taxpayers’ dollars for the good of the community.

Matters have been addressed with the New York State Attorney General’s Office, however, conversation was shut down by the board. Unfortunately, situations remain “status quo” with no resolve occurring. This “bully pulpit” and “obstruction of governance” need to end.

Ruth A. Haas

Thomas H. Scott

Janet Vito


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