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Letter: Be sure to make time for Dad this weekend

Be sure to make time for Dad this weekend

Two years ago, I stood in line at Paula’s Donuts for a half hour on Father’s Day with dozens of other Buffalonians looking to get something “sweet” to honor their fathers, grandfathers, husbands and other special men in their lives. I made the order in my head: I had to get Bavarian cream for Mom, red velvet for me, sprinkles for my nephews and, of course, apple fritters for Dad. They were his favorite, and he always made sure to get everyone else’s favorite on every holiday, even if it meant getting up at 5 a.m., or going the night before.

I rode with the sweet-smelling box. Dad was going to love it. No one else had ever done the Paula’s run besides him, and this year, I wanted to make him feel extra special. As I got closer, waiting to celebrate the greatest man I’ve ever known, who would do anything for anyone, I got teary eyed. Was it really fitting to thank Dad with a box of doughnuts? How could it possibly be enough for the countless things he’s done for me?

I rounded the corner, and there was my family, sitting in lawn chairs. I wiped my tears, and grabbed the box, joining my family at his gravestone. It was my first Father’s Day not spent at our kitchen table with Dad at the head. I’ve had plenty of breakfasts with Dad over the years, where he made his classic ham and eggs, or made us feel special celebrating with doughnuts, but none compared with this. As we enjoyed our doughnuts, one lonely apple fritter remained in the box. And even though Dad didn’t get to bite into it, I like to think he enjoyed that breakfast as much as we did.

Heather Paolucci

Grand Island

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