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HBO's Oliver uncovers '60 Minutes' secret; Barkley reveals his own

Notes left on the cutting room floor:

My favorite HBO show is "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" because the host often addresses things that I don't notice. A few Sundays ago, Oliver discovered a secret about the legendary CBS news magazine "60 Minutes." He showed correspondents on the program putting words in the mouths of interview subjects, who just repeated them. It was hilarious. Then I noticed reporters for NBC's "Dateline" do the same thing.

You have to love the candor of NBA analyst Charles Barkley. After midnight following Game 4 of the NBA Finals between Cleveland and Golden State a week ago – the only game the Cavs won in the five-game series – Barkley told the NBA TV post-game audience and his colleagues that you wouldn't be seeing him much over the next six weeks because he is going to a "fat farm." Those were his words, not mine.

What, you expected him to use the politically-correct term, "weight loss facility"? Barkley explained he needed to get his weight and health in order. He playfully invited teammate Shaquille O'Neal to join him. Barkley did say he was going to show up for a NBA Awards show special later this month, but that was going to be it on TV for the next six weeks.

WEDG-FM, 103.3 The Edge, had a clever idea last weekend when it had Melissa Holmes, Nalina Shapiro, Joe Buscaglia and other local TV personalities play tunes. It also was smart of the TV personalities to play along since it isn't easy getting younger people who listen to the Edge to watch TV news.

I don't think you will get any argument that the No. 1 moment in the Buffalo Bills production "Top 10 Moments in Bills History," was the record comeback playoff victory over the Houston Oilers. It was a good idea to highlight the Bills top moments, but the program also had the unintended consequence of showing how few of them have come in the last 25 years. The program premiered Monday and will be repeated several times on MSG Western New York.

'Top 10 Moments in Bills History' airs on MSG tonight

Megyn Kelly's interview with Fox sportscaster Erin Andrews Sunday about being stalked and then being diagnosed with cancer was so emotional that it moved me to tears. It also made me wonder how Kelly was able to keep her composure and not show any emotion as her interview subject detailed the nightmares she endured so courageously.

Kelly's second program, which included stories about a revolutionary medical discovery and the retraining of Kentucky coal miners, took a big ratings dive in Buffalo from her premiere.

If you missed the episodes of "The Late, Late Show with James Corden" last week from London, I suggest you find them on demand. The Tuesday episode, which started with Corden explaining how England responded to the London terrorist attacks and included guest appearances from Kit Harrington ("Game of Thrones") and Nicole Kidman, was must-see TV.

I'm not sure too many people care, but Channel 7 is going to return "AM Buffalo" to an hour program this fall. It has been reduced to 30 minutes.


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