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Letter: Millions travel to Italy for its history, beauty

Millions travel to Italy for its history, beauty

The contributor to the My View feature in The News on June 8 concerning a visit to Italy should have saved his money and stayed at home. The writer, obviously tongue in cheek, tried halfheartedly to find the various street urchins more interesting than the history and the beauty of the country to which millions of tourists travel each year.

Travel anywhere in the states and you can find the same poor, opportunistic characters, if that is your pleasure. He talked about actors trying to take financial advantage of the government, and viewing the statue of David, and coming away from it only to say it was carved out a single piece of marble without a model. He then went to Pompeii and came away with a gift, not nice, for his mother-in-law. What a waste of time and opportunity, when so much can be learned from another culture.

He wrote, “I love the Italian people and they apparently love American tourists with their fanny packs, water bottles and dollars.” How condescending can you get?

Visiting other countries and coming away with all this negativity can be a lonesome, empty road to travel.

Louis Fetto


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