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Letter: Arsonist destroyed more than a house

Arsonist destroyed more than a house

On May 24, someone set fire to the dwellings at 214 and 218 Northampton Street. Regardless of the arsonist’s intentions, whether greed, spite or recklessness, he did not burn down just a vacant house.

He burned up the home of a young couple who have worked diligently for over three years to prepare this house for their family to live in. They are expecting their first child soon.

He burned down the financial stability they have worked so hard to achieve. They now face thousands of dollars in emergency demolition costs, as well as the loss of their investment in the property.

He burned down the hope this family had for soon becoming self-sufficient.

He burned down the friendships they had already established with their future neighbors, one of whom alerted them to the fire.

He burned down their trust in humanity – their trust in their fellow man. Why would anyone do such a thing?

This arson threatened the safety of five other people in the adjacent house, frightening and displacing them at 5 a.m.

Most of all, he burned a hole in hearts that may never heal.

Doesn’t this matter? We don’t know who did this, but the arsonist needs to know more about the innocent people he burned out – my grandchildren. They are the kind of decent people Buffalo so desperately needs.

Barbara Bedient


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