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Letter: Why can’t National Fuel service my community?

Why can’t National Fuel service my community?

It has been interesting to watch National Fuel Gas CEO Ronald Tanski cry about being treated unfairly because New York State would not approve a pipeline designed to export natural gas to Canada. I live 2.5 miles from the Village of Youngstown, and National Fuel still refuses to run a line to service my community. All this talk about clean energy and the benefits of fracking are a moot point if New Yorkers are bypassed and forced to heat with oil or propane while irresponsible corporate profits send cheap gas through Western New York to Canada.

Several times, in recent years, National Fuel has sent out questionnaires and applications for service, which we have filled out and mailed in, but these appear to be more to placate residents and regulators than to spur any real action by the company. If I lived far from any real population centers, I could see its reluctance to run a line down Route 18F to my community, but I do not.

I keep hearing how essential high-speed internet, cellphone service and ride-hailing services are to modern life while I cannot even get natural gas 9 miles from the City of Niagara Falls. Maybe National Fuel should concentrate on supplying customers right here in Western New York before we take environmental risks so it can export our resources at great profit to the company.

George W. Reece


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