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Letter: Fake news constitutes real threat to America

Fake news constitutes real threat to America

The Soviet Union is no more. Our ruthless Cold War enemy was supplanted, first by an unstable democracy, and then by a thuggish oligarchy that remains a great threat to our nation and its interests, perhaps greater than ever.

Propaganda has long been one of the Russians’ favorite tools, and they are skilled in its use. They wish to sow discord among us, and they are committing vast resources to flooding our republic with disinformation.

These attacks will only intensify and grow more sophisticated. If we wish to preserve our union, we, the citizens, must become more discerning.

For instance, when you view internet videos that use a computer generated voice-over, be aware it is likely not a matter of modesty or style. They are hiding their accents from you, tovarich!

Bernard Harkins


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