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Letter: Comey must be indicted for leaking information

Comey must be indicted for leaking information

Work product of FBI employees belongs to the FBI. James Comey’s notes, FD-302 forms, inserts and memos all belong to the FBI, not Comey, fired or not, and format of his “notes” depends on use. If it could be evidence, then it must be reduced to a 302. No matter, it is all FBI property and may become material at trial. To release it requires authorization. To not obtain permission probably is a crime, classified or not. An investigation is required!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions must order the FBI to open a case against Comey to determine if he is the leaker for other leaked info, such as the meeting between Sessions and the Russian official. Comey said that he knew about the meeting weeks before Sessions recused himself. The FBI must interview the professor and the retired FBI agent who passed the info to the professor to see how many other times Comey used this route to leak info.

The president has the constitutional power to direct, supervise and close any FBI, NSA, ATF, etc., investigation he believes needs his attention. Comey knows that. Obstruction? Hardly!

Comey wasn’t “stunned” when President Barack Obama declared Hillary Clinton innocent during the FBI investigation into Clinton’s email, nor when Loretta Lynch interfered, ordering Comey to call that investigation a “matter.” Comey did close the Clinton case!

Sessions should open a RICO case on the Obama administration and reopen Hillarygate. First, indict Obama and Lynch for obstruction and Comey for misprision of a felony. Case closed!

J. Gary Dilaura

FBI, Retired

Niagara Falls

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