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Letter: Political correctness has been taken too far

Political correctness has been taken too far

Dynamite the Washington Monument. Bulldoze the Jefferson Memorial. Anything named for these slave-holding “traitors” – in the eyes of the British in the 1700s – should be erased immediately!

This is the obvious next step in the opinions of recent letter writers advocating removal of more Confederate monuments and statues. Does political correctness make them feel better about themselves or are they merely liberal lemmings?

History is primarily written by victors, but cherry-picking chapters of our nation’s saga to make a point is beyond mindless. “The Stars and Stripes is our flag,” one writer stated. Some Founding Fathers had slaves. Since our national banner waved over most of them in some form, I guess we need a new flag, too, huh?

These folks should get busy renaming the myriad streets, buildings, schools, towns, counties and other entities across the South that honor Confederate heroes. That deed done, they can focus on cleansing some U.S. military installations and Navy vessels of these despicable Americans’ names. Every town with a Confederate monument on the courthouse lawn better hire a wrecking ball. Where does this insanity end?

As a proud South Carolinian living in Buffalo for nearly two decades, I’d never condone the Confederacy’s role in slavery. But to ignore America’s overall complicity in this shameful practice is gross ignorance and denial at its worst. And if “Southern pride and heritage” are “garbage,” as one local stated, I suggest he get over it, to put it very mildly. Let the labeling begin.

Derek Smith


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