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Letter: Voting out Republicans will help drain the swamp

Voting out Republicans will help drain the swamp

President Trump and his Republicans are a return of the disastrous 1920s. In 1919, the Republicans rejected the Treaty of Versailles, world peace and the League of Nations, which was ratified by 44 countries. President Woodrow Wilson predicted the Republicans’ wrongheadedness would result in World War II within a generation; he was right. Wilson, exhausted, ill and disheartened, said: “I have seen fools resist providence before, and I have seen their destruction.”

Our current fools have rejected the Paris climate accord, approved by nearly 200 nations. I think Trump must be reading 1920s history (the Harding-Coolidge-Hoover Republican years of catastrophe) and is trying to re-create that chaos. But then, I doubt that Trump reads any history at all and, clearly, his administration is, to use some of his own words, “a total disaster,” “a complete failure” and needs to be “repealed and replaced!”

But let’s be careful as we focus on Trump’s political destruction, although I believe he will never be impeached by this Congress. It is easy to blame everything on so calamitous a figure, but keep your eyes on the Republican chorus in the background. They are powerful, and they are eagerly working to destroy health care, Social Security, environmental quality, work safety, labor unions, voting rights, public education, Meals on Wheels and even the Postal Service in order to send more of our money to the very rich. I think the best thing we can do is to vote every Republican – federal, state, local – out of office. Each Republican removed helps to “drain the swamp.”

Anthony M. Graziano


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