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Letter: Trump ran his campaign to win Electoral College

Trump ran his campaign to win Electoral College

I am writing in response to the May 29 letter in this column, “Trump supporters forget Clinton won popular vote.”

I would remind the writer, and everyone who cannot accept the fact that President Trump did in fact defeat Hillary Clinton, that the Electoral College is how presidents are elected in this country. The fact that she would have been elected in other countries could be why we have this system.

I am one of the Trump supporters the writer refers to as “gullible.” Am I also in Clinton’s “basket of deplorables?” He calls Trump the worst president in history. Less than six months into his presidency, this is a judgment that cannot be made. The gullible are those who are falling hook, line and sinker for what is being reported by an extremely left leaning and socialistic press.

The writer mentioned FBI Director James Comey as one of the reasons for Clinton’s defeat, yet Trump is being ridiculed for firing him. Had Clinton been elected, I believe she would have fired him the day after she was inaugurated.

Disagreement and discussion are good and constructive. But referring to those with whom you disagree as gullible and incapable of making informed decisions is neither.

Charles B. Jackson


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