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Letter: Criticizing the mayor of London is appalling

Criticizing the mayor of London is appalling

A country experiences a terror attack in one of its major cities, and almost two weeks later another attack happens in its densely populated capital. Its leaders are shaken, but doing their best to live up to their responsibilities to prevent future attacks, and calm an anxious citizenry.

The mayor of the capital announces a stepped-up police presence, and as a good leader should, he tries to reassure people that there is no reason to be alarmed by the sight of so many officers patrolling the streets.

How does the president of the United States respond? He berates the mayor in a sarcastic tweet.

As a child, I learned that in a bad situation, if you cannot provide help, at least you should not contribute to the damage already done. What has our boy-president learned? Trump’s modus operandi is to attack, criticize, demean and berate anyone in a tough situation who hasn’t sworn his loyalty to him.

Here is my message to Trump’s followers: Your man is an embarrassment to this country, and is doing his best to drag it down. Remember that when you walk into the voting booth in 2020. All of us, Democrat, Republican and independent, need to rid ourselves of him before it is too late.

Coleen A. Hanna


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