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Letter: Withdrawal endangers our future generations

Withdrawal endangers our future generations

I consider myself to be patriotic and am proud of our country, but the president’s recent decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord has left me feeling embarrassed and ashamed of our nation’s action. Instead of being recognized as a respected leader in an area of concern to all nations and peoples of the world, we have elected to withdraw and sit on the sidelines with Syria and Nicaragua. Of course our partners and allies are dismayed and frustrated that the United States has elected to do this. And I share their dismay and frustration.

I know the argument is being made that climate control hampers American businesses and reduces employment. I believe that is an incorrect position. There may be a number of things that impede business development and employment growth, but I do not believe that environmental protection is one of them. In fact, clean energy technologies can be an engine of increased economic growth and employment. China recognizes that and is investing billions in the development of such technologies. Would it not be ironic if someday America has to purchase those technologies from China because we neglected our environment and did not develop them on our own? It is not good economic policy to prop up declining industries at the expense of investing in the development of new ones.

What we sorely need as a nation is a sense of shared purpose and vision, and this decision only further fuels divisiveness and is a shortsighted effort that endangers future generations of Americans.

Robert Poczik


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