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Letter: Ortt should withdraw bill limiting windmill farms

Ortt should withdraw bill limiting windmill farms

State Senator Bob Ortt is the sole sponsor of a bill to prohibit the construction of clean-energy windmills in 58 percent of the land area of New York State. The truth behind this massive government overreach is his misinformed opposition to the windmill farm moving through the state approval process in Niagara and Orleans counties.

The Lighthouse Wind project would conveniently fall within the senator’s 40-mile off-limits zone around military facilities and most navigational aids in the state. Despite the Defense Department’s conclusion that windmill farms pose no threat to air operations, the senator continues to beat this dead horse on behalf of the business lobby group supporting the Niagara Falls base.

With the senator’s current serious legal problems, it’s understandable he is looking for every bit of support he can muster, but this bill does no one in New York State any favors. It is destructive to our economy and to our environment.

As a military retiree and a private pilot, I implore Ortt to withdraw his bill. This draconian approach confirms the desperation of his situation and does a huge disservice to the towns of Somerset and Yates, as well as the state.

Ralph E. Smith


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