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Letter: Neglected East Side needs the city’s help

Neglected East Side needs the city’s help

I love and respect the Rev. Darius Pridgen and what he has done and continues to do for the city. He and Eva Doyle have pointed out several historic areas of the East Side that are worthy of more attention. I go through the area frequently and have made some observations.

What do people have to drive through to get to these places? Roads are embarrassing and destructive to cars. Although the Colored Musicians Club is great, look to the immediate right, left and across the street from the building. Vacant, boarded-up, unkempt and dangerous buildings surround it. Is this what we want people to see?

Sycamore and Broadway have some beautiful newly built homes, but again, some are already in disarray and again, look around them. Boarded-up stores, churches and empty, unkempt lots.

On a personal note, I cannot be stopped at a red light without being approached by a street person asking for money.

Is this the impression of Buffalo that we want people to bring home? Same with the other sites.

When allocating funds for historic and cultural improvements, it is necessary to look at the whole picture. Beautiful buildings surrounded by bad streets and neglected and abandoned properties are just not that inviting.

This has nothing to do with the value and significance of the East Side. It is a reflection of shortsighted administration, which I hope will address this.

Tom Oliver


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