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Letter: GOP’s plan will make health care even worse

GOP’s plan will make health care even worse

“The best medical system in the world” is a statement seeking a qualifier, as in, only if you can afford it.

Though we already spend more on national security than the next 10 nations, for all of the stratospheric spending, do we feel more secure?

Could our unease arise from the fact that a domestic threat is far greater? If a medical emergency or some chronic condition arises, perhaps necessitating a medicine that costs, say, $200 a pill, most of us would find ourselves in a life-threatening predicament.

The threat to our national health is nothing less than domestic terrorism, given the hundreds of thousands of people who die every year from medical malfeasance, medical indifference and lack of affordable health care in this for-profit system.

If a foreign power injured and killed as many people as our “best medical system in the world,” we’d be putting boots on the ground, if not launching nuclear missiles, seeking retribution. And yet, the president and the right wing of Congress seek to undo a mediocre health care system and replace it with a worse system, one in which only the well off can afford medical care.

Rod Watson had it right: Supporters of Trump and Rep. Chris Collins should be first in line to suffer the effects of the cutbacks. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, good luck.

George Grace


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