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Letter: Bauerle keeps peddling wild conspiracy theories

Bauerle keeps peddling wild conspiracy theories

Talk show host Tom Bauerle claims that he and the president are being monitored by invisible agents. This is but one of many weird conspiracy theories Bauerle has peddled.

During the past election he repeatedly asserted that Hillary and Bill Clinton are serial mass murderers, and that she suffered from an inoperable brain tumor.

More recently, he’s been hawking the false notion that DNC staffer Seth Rich was assassinated because he, and not the Russian government, was the source of the election-altering release of stolen Clinton campaign communications. Even Fox News recanted this story and tendered an apology to the Rich family.

There was a time when radio stations were required to meet basic standards of civility and fairness in exchange for the right to use the public airways. Sadly, such rules either no longer exist or are rarely enforced.

Patrick Henry

Orchard Park

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