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Letter: Health care proposal will hurt many people

Health care proposal will hurt many people

What were they thinking? When 217 members of Congress voted for the American Health Care Act on May 4, they were voting against people like me – age 50-plus. Rep. Chris Collins was one of them.

Collins couldn’t take the time to read the bill, what with fundraising and TV appearances and all. I’d like to ask those who voted for this bill what they were thinking, other than how to exempt themselves. Can they really think it is OK that health insurance companies charge older people five times more than other people? Is it OK to raise premiums for the millions of people with pre-existing health conditions? Does it bother any of them that disabled children and senior citizens could lose access to the services they need to stay in their homes where they want to be?

That’s what they voted for when they cast their ballot in favor of this bill. That’s not OK with me. Remember, I vote, too.

Ellen George


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