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Celebrate Prince's birthday with his music

Today would have been Prince's 59th birthday.

My takeaways, when I think about him a little more than a year after his death, are not that different than my takeaways were during his lifetime. They run something like this:

Think hard.

Work hard.

Make music every day.

Engage in disciplined thought.

Don't deny the power of the intangible.

Don’t be intellectually lazy.

But have fun, too.

Don't rest, much.

Don't worry about what others think of you or your work, much.

Women are closer to the source than men are, so honor that fact, fool.

And, when you play a guitar solo, if you're not willing to rip some sinew, blood and bone from your body, put that thing down.

As far as all that Sex/God dichotomy/unity stuff … I'll leave that to him.

The music. The music will endure beyond everything else. So we should listen to it, and often.

Here's my Prince Birthday playlist.


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