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Letter: Can’t the FCC block biased news reports?

Can’t the FCC block biased news reports?

As I continue to turn off cable news network stations for unbalanced, partisan, gotcha “news” reports, I am reminded that we have a government agency called the Federal Communications Commission. It appears that this is another taxpayer-funded department that is not doing its job. I assume that the FCC staff spends much of its time monitoring what is being broadcast on licensed television and radio stations. So what actions is the FCC taking to guard against slanted, partisan broadcasting in order to protect and inform the American people?

Aren’t there license ramifications? Aren’t there guidelines that the networks are required to adhere to? If not, then the least the FCC could do is require captions at the bottom of the screen specifying “opinion commentary” or “factual reporting” every time someone is speaking. At least this would be an honest approach and an attempt to protect the naive lemmings on both sides of the aisle from formulating illogical opinions and then spewing those opinions on social media and in casual conversations.

In the meantime, I’ll keep watching C-SPAN and Bloomberg, which seem to be broadcasting facts and labeling opinions when offered. As Joe Friday of “Dragnet,” the popular cop show of the ’60s, said when interviewing witnesses: “Just the facts ma’am.”

Lou Speranza


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