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Letter: Both Griffin, Nugent deserve to be shunned

Both Griffin, Nugent deserve to be shunned

The recent uproar surrounding fading comedienne Kathy Griffin’s lame attempt at humor reminded me of the washed-up, gun-toting, aging rocker Ted Nugent’s veiled threats aimed at former President Barack Obama and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton that took place not too long ago. The antics of both these “entertainers” were roundly denounced by decent Americans across the political spectrum and rightly so. There is absolutely no place for such displays of outright hatred and contempt in our society, even if made in jest.

Nugent perhaps was suffering from a case of cat scratch fever and maybe that is why his actions were forgiven. Why else would he have been recently invited to the White House for a visit with President Trump? Griffin, on the other hand, probably subscribes to that old show business saying that bad publicity is better than no publicity. I doubt, however, that she will be invited to the White House any time soon.

Daniel Glowacki


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