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Letter: Irresponsible dog owners must be held accountable

Irresponsible dog owners must be held accountable

On May 29, I was walking with my dog, who was on her leash, around the Botanical Gardens and enjoying the beautiful, sunny day. About halfway around, we came upon a couple with two dogs that were not leashed. I yelled to them to put their dogs on their leashes. Unfortunately, it was too late. One of the dogs came charging and attacked my dog, cutting open the side of her mouth, causing it to bleed quite a bit. I asked them how they wanted to pay for it and all I got from them was: “What do you mean? Sorry!” They proceeded to leash their dogs and left.

Well, let me tell this couple that “sorry” doesn’t pay the vet bill. My dog had to have five stitches in her face, which required her being sedated. Their carelessness and ignorance cost me over $300 so far. I sincerely hope their dogs are up to date on their shots! We just recently adopted our dog. She has been through enough already. This incident has really traumatized her.

There is a leash law that applies to everyone. People should stand up and face the consequences when something like this happens. This was in a public park. Would this couple have just walked away if the dogs had attacked a child? By the way, the police were notified of the situation.

Paul J. Murphy


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