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Letter: White House investigation will give us needed answers

White House investigation will give us needed answers

A recent letter went a long way in explaining why the country is where it is right now. The writer stated that there is no evidence that President Trump broke the law while complaining that the Justice Department appointed a special investigator. The fact that a retired member of law enforcement has to be reminded that the role of an investigator is just that, to investigate, is kind of worrisome.

Why so paranoid at this point? When the investigation is complete, if the allegations are not true and only inferences and innuendos, as he stated, then he can have his nah, nah, nah, nah, nah moment. However, to call yourself “intelligent and even keeled” in the same sentence as calling many Americans losers says it all. Name calling and childish behavior might make you feel good, but it sure doesn’t make you look or sound good.

Cheryl Stein

North Tonawanda

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