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Letter: Trump could take a lesson from JFK

Trump could take a lesson from JFK

John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump – what a contrast. The one thing they have in common is they were both president. After that the similarities are few and far between. Trump should look back at some of the crises that JFK faced and the outcomes.

JFK was a man with a military background, so he knew what war brings to the table: death and destruction, at home and abroad. This is one important area in which Trump needs to tone down his rhetoric. It’s funny how veterans, who have seen war firsthand, are more willing to be patient and give others the benefit of the doubt during tumultuous times.

JFK was good at praising people and understanding our adversaries, rather than coming out with insults and threats. Kennedy seemed to know the status and power at his disposal as president of the most powerful nation of his time.

Trump will never be confused with Kennedy, but hopefully Trump will learn as time passes to be patient, caring and keep all citizens safe and out of harm’s way. Only time will tell.

Phil Ryan

West Seneca

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