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Letter: Taxpayers foot the bill for authorities’ antics

Taxpayers foot the bill for authorities’ antics

This is in regard to The News editorial about the Water Authority’s show of contempt by appointing Earl L. Jann Jr. as executive director. “Had enough yet?” It’s not just the Water Authority that is indifferent to openness and is a political anachronism. The Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, under the purview of the mayor, also conducts itself in the same manner.

It seems that every “authority” operates under the premise that rules and regulations that apply to everyone else are just “suggestions” to them, to be ignored whenever convenient.

It’s time for all voters to rally and make a change in administration. We must make a change now. All authorities seem to be operating in the dark at the expense of the taxpayers. We have to get rid of them and the high-priced attorneys who are paid to protect them and hide their activities. We are the ones who are paying for everything in the long run. It’s time for a change – starting at the top.

Marie Dawson


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