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Letter: Parents must keep kids off of jet at Kenney Field

Parents must keep kids off of jet at Kenney Field

I am a person who loves and respects his country, and respects those who served or died protecting our country. Some people have no respect for other people’s property, and that includes the Navy jet at Kenney Field in the Town of Tonawanda that was used during the Korean War.

There is a fence and a sign warning people to keep their kids off the plane but they just don’t care. They let them climb all over it like it is their personal toy, and that is very disrespectful.

I was there recently and saw that there were cracks in it. I think before it gets more damage done to it we need to get rid of it and put something else in its place. The best thing to do is to put the Navy jet in a museum before it is damaged beyond repair and has to be sold for scrap.

I am sure I am not alone in feeling this way. Help save this Navy jet from kids climbing on it. Before you ask, I never climbed on it when I was a kid, because I have respect for my country and for my father, who served in Korea.

Keep the kids off this Navy jet or remove it, permanently.

Michael Fragello


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