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Letter: Trump ran his campaign to win Electoral College

Trump ran his campaign to win Electoral College

In response to the letter writers who keep insisting that Hillary Clinton would be president if we had a popular vote, you are dreaming. President Trump campaigned to win the Electoral College vote and Clinton could not stop him from winning the blue states needed to secure victory. Wherever Trump campaigned, he took thousands of votes from her.

If it were a popular vote, he would have spent most, if not all of his time in the largest states, especially California. That state alone provided Clinton with a margin of almost 5 million votes. He would have easily cut that margin in half, and she wouldn’t have been able to stop him from doing so.

Clinton couldn’t fill high school cafeterias, while Trump filled arenas. When Trump spoke, he inspired his audience to vote for him. Whenever she spoke, her numbers went down, precisely because she was as flawed a candidate as can be. Even with the media cheerleaders behind her, Trump won over Democrats when they heard his message firsthand.

Even with almost 50 reporters devoted to constant attacks on Trump during the entire campaign, she couldn’t stop him. She outspent him 10 to 1 and didn’t make a dent. The Democrats would be hard pressed to find another candidate who is as inept and corrupt as Clinton.

Robert Yavicoli


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