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Letter: There’s nothing prideful about Southern traitors

There’s nothing prideful about Southern traitors

Just when I think people can’t be more ridiculous along comes a letter writer crying over the removal of Confederate monuments.

This garbage over Southern pride and heritage is ludicrous. The South is responsible for a Civil War trying to tear our country apart. I may be white, but there is one truth; after the war the Confederate flag and future Southern memorials should have been banned and a criminal offense to make those items. There is nothing prideful in the huge loss of life these people caused. Only two good things came of the war: the Union stood and the Southern prideful ones lost their free labor source, freeing African-Americans.

But wait, the writer cries, the Southern generals are historical figures and should be recognized as such. Don’t squelch the South’s pride of its soldiers? They were traitors to the Union. They killed and maimed thousands. There is no pride in that. Do you want to celebrate the pride of being a slave owner or supporter of slavery? The only place that memorials to this Southern pride should go is a museum – and in reality no memorial should be anywhere. Last I looked this is the United States of America – not the Confederate States of America. The Stars and Stripes is our flag.

Thomas Somerville


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