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Letter: Republican candidates embrace new set of rules

Republican candidates embrace new set of rules

After thinking about the November election and the recent special election in Montana, I have realized how Republicans successfully run for office.

Don’t hesitate to disparage anyone. Talk about women in very crude terms. Mock those with disabilities. Tarnish Hispanics and those who have lost children serving in our armed forces if they are from a religious group we want to discriminate against anyway. Lie whenever it supports your agenda and cite alternative facts. It doesn’t matter. Your supporters won’t seek to verify your assertions, and who cares what your opponents say?

Try to delegitimize judicial rulings. Support the Second Amendment to the Constitution unconditionally. Support the First Amendment conditionally. Do we really need a free press? It might criticize you. Finally, assault verbally or physically anyone (especially a member of the media) who makes you uncomfortable.

Few Republicans will criticize you. Most will remain silent. Some will justify your behavior. You will be a winner.

Sandra W. Myers


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