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Letter: President is offensive, editorial cartoon is not

President is offensive, editorial cartoon is not

Editorial cartoons have appeared in daily newspapers since the mid 19th century. The artists who create these stories with a picture, known as cartoonists, convey ideas in clever, concise ways. A recent letter conveyed the writer as having “never been so offended” when she saw Adam Zyglis’ masterful rendition of “The Creation.” I, too, as a woman, was shocked – shocked that offense was taken. Indeed.

One person portrayed is the person elected by the Electoral College and the other person portrayed is the grand exalted father of normalizing corporate sexual harassment. The behavior and braggadocio of Roger Ailes and Donald Trump both somehow spawned into this world and brazenly asserted that it is completely OK to treat women as fodder for their feral-minded feeble-handed groping and grabbing.

A cartoonist offending a reader? Again, I am shocked. A president offending millions of people, women included of course, is offensive.

Deanne Plonka


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