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Letter: President clearly poses a danger to our republic

President clearly poses a danger to our republic

Any intelligent person should be horrified by President Trump, politics aside. I am generally liberal, but I would have been aghast if a leftist version of Trump had ascended to the presidency. Yet many conservatives are so preoccupied with tribal concerns that they are desensitizing themselves to all else. Standards are being jettisoned faster than Trump can twiddle his tweeting thumbs, and much of the evidence comes directly from the man himself, thereby denying his supporters of their oft-used “fake news” escape hatch.

He is fawning and affable with autocrats, yet rude and careless with our allies. He seeks to undermine institutions he doesn’t even understand. The superhuman negotiating skills of Trump legend now more closely resemble an amateur hustler caught in a shell game. His patriotism and populism are brand-name deep. Any benefit his policies confer on working people is incidental; they are aimed at the top. Trump has no political core; only self-interest. His public life has been spent self-enriching, self-aggrandizing, mocking, lying, treating women as objects and a building a celebrity out of smoke, mirrors and insults. The term “public service” doesn’t exactly leap to mind.

Most seriously, Trump has made ham-fisted attempts to hinder investigations into his campaign and administration. The proliferating web of undisclosed ties to Russia cannot be ignored by any intellectually honest person; if it were Hillary Clinton, Republicans would be tailoring her prison uniform this very moment. I plead with my fellow Americans of all political stripes to see Trump plainly and squarely. He is a vulgar vacuum of a human being – a stupid, utterly corrupt, megalomaniacal ignoramus and a danger to our republic.

Wyeth Jones


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