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Bauerle to Trump: 'Watch your back,' invisible cloaking threatens you

Tom Bauerle has written an open letter to Donald Trump, warning him that invisible “cloaking” technology may be threatening his presidency and his personal safety.

The popular WBEN talk show host long has claimed to be a victim of invisible surveillance devices in his Williamsville backyard and now appears to be now ramping up his charges in a letter on a conservative Canadian website.

“Mr. President, I now believe there is a high probability that those engaged in the harassment of me and several loved ones and friends are operatives of the Shadow Government trying to bring you and your presidency down,” Bauerle wrote on the website, Canada Free Press.

He warned Trump “to watch your back” while calling upon the president to open a federal probe of illegal surveillance.

“Have your people briefed you on non-linear optics and adaptive camouflage?” he added. “Do you know that it is entirely possible that someone could be very close to you, and you wouldn’t even see them or know they were watching or listening to everything you said and did?

“Your personal safety, President Trump, and the importance of draining the swamp is too great to keep silent any more about the continuing surveillance around my home,” he continued, “and show the public and you some hard evidence.”

Bauerle warned of “those working 24-7 to bring you down.”

In the article titled “Anatomy of the Deep State’s Cloaked Take-Down of the President,” he labeled the Washington “swamp” often cited during the Trump campaign as a “bitter enemy.”

Bauerle did not respond to an email requesting him to comment for this story.

The Buffalo News also reached out to Tim Wenger, operations manager at WBEN, to inquire about the Bauerle letter. Wenger did not respond to a message on his phone.

Bauerle cites 'invisibility cloaking' technology in surveillance of his home

Bauerle also posted the article on his Facebook page and introduced it with "PLEASE HELP ME MAKE THIS GO VIRAL."

Bauerle’s surveillance claims first gained attention in 2014, when The Buffalo News reported that Amherst police responded to his home after he complained that operatives of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo were surveilling him. He later backed off the accusation against Cuomo.

Last October, in another post on Canada Free Press, Bauerle claimed the 2014 incident stemmed from “graduate university students” and “people from certain entities” conducting invisible surveillance operations in his backyard. He also explained he was confronting them with a loaded gun when police arrived.

Bauerle has hosted a top-rated talk show with conservative and libertarian leanings since 2002, and in his letter says that he and his co-host David Bellavia were “named #63 on the list of most important talk show hosts in the country.”

Bauerle has gained some attention via social media.

Bauerle delved into several incidents he labeled suspicious, including a “loved one” receiving a cellphone message from a Democratic National Committee staffer. He also posted photos of “cloaking invisibility technology” hidden in his backyard, discovered through a process he invented to break through the “invisibility.”

WBEN host Bauerle’s behavior raises concerns of neighbors, police

In the letter, Bauerle said he attempted to make Trump aware of the invisible cloak technology to no avail.

“I am concerned about you and believe it a strong possibility that you are being kept in the dark by Obama holdovers at the FBI, NSA and CIA because they WANT you to look like a paranoid lunatic,” he wrote as explanation for his decision to release photos of the surveillance equipment.

“If, as Commander in Chief, you request I not release additional photos and videos of this technology in action, I will obey. Sir,” he wrote.

“Isn’t it odd how many of your PRIVATE conversations were leaked to certain people?” he asks. “With all the leaks from your ‘inner circle,’ ” he added, “there is something rotten going on.”

The News previously reported that, during the 2014 incident at his home, Amherst police contacted Crisis Services about their concerns for Bauerle, who consented to a voluntary, psychiatric evaluation at Erie County Medical Center.

But, in October 2016, he told Canada Free Press that he was telling his story, in part, to dispel any notion that he is mentally ill.

Bauerle also supplied a statement at that time from a Buffalo psychiatrist, who indicated no reason for psychotropic medication or for Bauerle to be denied access to his firearms.

The engineer and ex-cop who stand behind Bauerle's 'invisibility cloak' theory

In his latest post, the talk show host goes on at length with warnings against any reporter or other person who suggests mental illness on his part.

“You are put on notice: while I am a public person, and slander and libel claims have to meet a higher threshold to be actionable, my attorneys and I will have a keen eye on media outlets and their reporting on this, and will vigorously pursue any hint that I am ‘mentally ill’ or delusional,” he says.

Bauerle noted, however, the possibility he could lose his job at WBEN as a result of his warnings to Trump.

“Yes, this letter to you may cost me my job (‘Why would you bring this up again? I might affect the Almighty Revenue stream if people think you’re nuts.’ I can almost hear it now),” he wrote. “But there comes a time when people have a right to know what their government, research institutions and military contractors are up to."

As evidence that he had been under surveillance and was not a danger to anyone when Amherst police confronted him in his yard in 2014, Bauerle in October:

  • Credited “Team Bauerle,” a collection of former “special operations” and law enforcement personnel he assembled, with help “in solving the case.”
  • Provided the internet publication with a California engineer’s statement indicating that what Bauerle observed in his yard is consistent with the invisibility technology the engineer invented.
  • Provided a statement from a retired Town of Hamburg detective who said he verified Bauerle’s own photographs of “ghost like and solid images with forms of humans using some type of very advanced camouflage.”
  • Claimed he reached out-of-court agreements with “those whose activities greatly damaged his reputation,” according to Canada Free Press.
  • Provided to Canada Free Press a letter signed by Dr. Dori R. Marshall, a psychiatrist who first encountered Bauerle at ECMC and said she had been “following” him since January of 2014. She said Bauerle’s encounter with Amherst police stemmed from a “misunderstanding.”

Bauerle would not identify the people he said settled with him, and would not consent to an on-the-record interview.

Following the October story, Bauerle on his Facebook page thanked “The Buffalo News for their integrity and fairness in publishing the Sunday story about the resolution of the events around my home.”

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