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City Hallways (May 31): A special guest at Common Council meeting

From Liberia with a message

As the Common Council’s chaplain, Rev. Al Warner opens up each meeting with a little story, a scripture reading and prayer.

But every now and then Warner has a special guest to do the honors.

Last month, Bishop Richard J. Malone gave the invocation.

And on Tuesday, it was Bishop John Paul Chea from Liberia.

Warner and Chea met in Liberia last February, Warner said. And as it turned out, Chea is a key figure in his country.

"This indeed is the chaplain general of the nation of Liberia," Warner said in introducing Chea during Tuesday’s Council meeting.

What’s more, for more than 20 years, Chea has run an orphanage in Liberia with his wife. It’s home to 85 children, Warner said.

"We’ve been to the orphanage and watched them as they were teaching those children … life skills," said Warner.

On Tuesday, Chea opened the Council meeting with a prayer.

He prayed for wisdom for the council members so that they will always be in the position to bring about the right outcome.

A friendly little competition can go a long way

The City of Buffalo is sponsoring a contest through block clubs to encourage residents to recycle more.

The competition – Let’s Do This! – is a four-week recycling competition that promotes Buffalo’s recycling program and rewards residents who recycle.

Each registered block club in the City of Buffalo is asked to participate in the friendly recycling competition.

Prior to the start of the contest – which runs from June 26 through July 14 – organizers will log the number of green recycling totes set out in each participating neighborhood block club.

Block club leaders will work with neighbors on ways to increase recycling participation.

After the four weeks of the competition, Let’s Do This! organizers will measure the number of totes again and compare that to the original count.

To participate, block clubs must register by June 17 by filling out an application and a wish list.

As an incentive for participating in the program, the block clubs will receive $100 worth of items from the wish list to assist in beautifying their neighborhoods.

At the end of the contest, the block club that recycles the most will win a Community Recycling Event (shredding, tires or TV pickup) and a choice of a community garden kit or a street planter.

Winners will be announced in August.

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For more information, call Susan Attridge, director of recycling at 851-5014.

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