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Letter: U.S. is behind the eight ball as long as Trump’s in power

U.S. is behind the eight ball as long as Trump’s in power

President Trump is the human equivalent of the commercial fortune-telling device known as the Magic 8-Ball. The standard Magic 8-Ball contains 20 simple phrases that seemingly supply answers to random yes or no questions for the sake of entertainment.

For instance, one might ask the question, “Will I be rich some day?” After shaking the Magic 8-Ball you might get the answer, “Without a doubt” or “Outlook good.” You might be kept hanging when the answer “Reply hazy, try again” surfaces. Or, if you’re like me, you keep getting the answer “Don’t count on it.” Basically, the answers are non-specific innuendoes designed to entertain a gullible public.

Enter Trump. His supply of non-specific innuendoes would cause the Magic 8-Ball to wobble like Weebles. His 8-Ball would be busting out with his limitless use of adjectives and adverbs. His inventory of answers would have many, many words that are very, very good. He has insisted many, many times that he would have a “very, very good relationship with Russia” and a “very, very good relationship with Putin.” Trump’s statements are full of “amazing, incredible and tremendous” promises that he will fulfill “100 percent.” America’s not just going to be “great again,” it’s going to be “really, really great again!” You get the picture.

America deserves better than a one-dimensional thinking man-baby running our country. As long as Trump is shaking things up his way, all America will remain behind the eight ball.

Robert J. Wegrzynowski


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