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Letter: Police must crack down on reckless drivers now

Police must crack down on reckless drivers now

Last week, The News reported that on May 24 in Riverside there was a fatal crash caused by a motorcyclist blowing through a stop sign and crashing into an SUV.

This is my neighborhood and this will happen again if police and citizens continue to look the other way. Next time it could be a child or innocent bystander who is killed. I would like to know more about the two people in the SUV who were transported to the hospital. How are they doing and how will this “accident” impact their lives? This was not a victimless crime.

There are numerous young men driving recklessly in the Riverside area. Nearly every evening these numbskulls are out in their cars, motorcycles and off-road vehicles (often without license plates), joyriding, racing, burning rubber, driving in circles within intersections, revving engines without mufflers and doing wheelies. The noise they create is jarring and makes being outside unbearable.

Despite the dozens of calls we have made to 911, next to nothing has been done. Our councilman, who lives around the corner from us, is as frustrated as we are. A little effort from the police with appropriate ticketing could put an end to this behavior. The perpetrators are easily identified and could be prosecuted.

Although I call on the police to take action, it is also the responsibility of our elected officials, including the mayor and Common Council, to provide funding and pressure to make this a priority. The citizens of Riverside need to demand action against these obnoxious individuals who endanger us and negatively impact our quality of life.

Adele Henderson


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