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Jay Skurski's Power Take: Sadness is one way to describe Tiger Woods' latest plight – selfish is another

Sadness will be a word that’s used a lot in the coming days to describe what’s become of Tiger Woods.

It seems to fit, especially looking at that mugshot that was released Monday following his arrest in Florida for DUI. His thinning hair is disheveled and his expression is blank. His droopy eyes look lifeless.

It’s fair to suggest that sadness lurks behind them. Maybe it’s because a once-great career is over, and Woods knows it, even if he’s not willing to say it. Maybe it’s over the loss of his father, who seemed to be the one guiding influence in his life. Or maybe it’s over the destruction of his home life, which Woods brought on himself through serial infidelity.

All of that is armchair psychologist stuff, though. There is truly no way to know what Woods is going through. He’s spent the better part of his professional career trying to stay as private as possible, which is his right.

But sadness isn’t the word I would use to describe what he’s accused of doing Monday morning. Selfish fits better, just as it did at Thanksgiving in 2009 when his cheating scandal came to light.

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