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Parents investigating why 11-year-old was 'thrown off' bus

The parents of an 11-year-old boy are looking into their legal options after he reportedly was "thrown off'' his school bus Thursday afternoon after an altercation with a bus aide, who says the boy assaulted her. The boy, a student at the Niagara Street Elementary School, and his younger brother were removed from the bus at Portage Road and Niagara Street, according to police, who were called after the aide reported the assault.

The boy called his parents from the back seat of a police cruiser. When the parents arrived, the child reportedly said he had objected to a girl taking video of his younger brother, and that the aide had moved the young boy to the front of the bus before returning and grabbing the 11-year-old by his wrists and pushing him to the back of the bus.

The boy claims the aide held his neck and yelled at him, using obscenities and intimidating language. The aide's version of events was not detailed in the police report.

School officials were reviewing video of the incident, but the boy's mother said that the bus company did not allow her to see the video.

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