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Poll: New Yorkers have dim view of Trump, even lower opinion of Congress

ALBANY – President Donald Trump’s popularity in his home state continues to fall, according to a new poll out this morning.

Sixty-five percent of New Yorkers have an unfavorable view of the Republican president, off four points from the last poll a month ago, according to Siena College.

The bright spot for the president: New Yorkers have far dimmer views of Congress, both Republican and Democratic lawmakers.

Democrats in Congress got a negative job approval rating of 77 percent, while 81 percent scored the congressional GOP’s performance as negative in the poll of 770 New Yorkers.

Trump won 39 percent of the popular vote last fall in New York in his race against Hillary Clinton. Enrollment statistics by the state elections board show there are 5.8 million enrolled Democrats in New York versus 2.7 million Republicans.

Digging into the poll’s cross tabs and comparing the new results with a Siena poll taken a month ago, Trump’s approval/disapproval ratings are statistically unchanged among Democrats and Republicans. A month ago, 81 percent of Democrats viewed him unfavorably. In the new poll, 80 percent of Democrats viewed him unfavorably. The percent of Republicans with a positive view of Trump – 67 percent – and/or negative view – 30 percent – was unchanged.

However, Trump lost major ground in the past month with New York's independent voters. A month ago, 53 percent of them viewed Trump negatively. This month, that number jumped to 71 percent.

Statewide among all voters, 27 percent gave Trump a positive grade on his job performance so far as president.

Siena spokesman Steve Greenberg said Trump’s unfavorable rating among New Yorkers went above 70 percent during last year’s campaign but that the negative numbers now are the highest since he took office in January.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents said they are concerned that Russia may have been involved in last year’s campaign, though 61 percent of GOP voters said they do not share those concerns.

Overall, 60 percent opposed Trump’s firing of James Comey as FBI director and 72 percent favor appointing a special prosecutor to look into allegations of Russian meddling in the campaign.

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